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About company

ALFA Smart Agro is a leading manufacturer of crop protection products and microfertilisers. The company meets the requirements to the modern European company in terms of product quality and smart agronomy approach.

Our goal is to provide agricultural producers of Ukraine and Europe with quality products at reasonable price through the introduction of multi-level quality control (Multi-Control) at all stages of products’ development, production and application.

We work in a smart agronomy format, which is based on the following principles:

  • Scientific approach. Our own scientific developments allow us to create products that are unique and more efficient and cost-attractive to use.
  • Accuracy. Strictly regulated manufacturing processes ensure high quality of products. Providing customers with detailed recommendations on product usage contributes to efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Rationality. We offer products with guaranteed quality and effectiveness at a reasonable price. This makes the business of our customers more profitable.
ALFA Smart Agro has three main divisions:

ALFA Science

This is the smart cell, in which the consolidation of the world and our own scientific experience takes place. We have created a modern laboratory with the most favourable conditions for the creation of new and improvement of existing products as well as multi-level control system for ALFA Smart Agro products’ effectiveness testing.

ALFA Production

Quality product production is based on smart production technologies and modern equipment. ALFA Production is a powerful platform for producing effective agrochemical products of the world level. Multi-Control is implemented at every production stage, i.e. checking all the factors that affect the products quality.

ALFA Partnership

In-depth knowledge of the crop protection products application technologies and the needs of Ukrainian farmers gives ALFA Smart Agro the status of a partner in the effective crops growing. ALFA Partnership is a smart collaboration that enables our customers to get the best results.