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About ALFA Seeds

Alfa Seeds has been operating in the Ukrainian market for five years already and has been supplying high-performance hybrids of corn and sunflower produced under ALFA Seeds trademark to Ukrainian agricultural enterprises.

Hybrids presented in our catalog have high stable yield potential and are resistant to diseases, are characterized with plasticity and high genetic characteristics.

European High Quality Paternal Lines

Our experts choose seeds produced by the world's leading seed breeding companies, which are doing constant research work and improve breeds. Selected parental lines of corn and sunflower are highly effective for Ukrainian climate and soil.

Local Adaptation

Each year we test new high productive corn and sunflower hybrids and grow selected hybrids on our production fields that are located in different regions of Ukraine. This approach makes it possible to adapt them to local climatic conditions, evaluate the potential and resistance to stress and diseases in different soil types and climatic conditions of the country and choose the best hybrids accordingly.

Global Service Standards

We strictly adhere to European seeds growing standards. Experts from the originator companies are engaged in a thorough and systematic support and quality control at all stages of seeds growing and handling.

Our Agronomists provide support, advice and recommendations on hybrids selection and details of the crop protection technologies and cultivation techniques in different climatic zones of Ukraine.

Optimal Cost

Alfa Seeds works for Ukrainian growers to allow them not only to buy seeds from world best breeders and consistently receive high quality yields, but also maintain optimal costs.

Careful seed-material selection

The quality of the future hybrid depends on the quality of selected parental lines and their genetic purity. The selection is carried out in breeding centres located in specially designated areas of France and Chile. Representative offices of the world companies, including Alfa Seeds give breeding centres detailed information about the requirements of manufacturers for the varieties and hybrids, and leading breeders and scientists, in their turn, when breeding lines select those lines and hybrids that meet these requirements best and fully correspond to the needs of manufacturers.

Specific growing conditions and expert control

Places for lines growing have unique climate: they are located in mountain valleys, protected from cold winds, with rainfall of over 1,200 mm per year, and spatial isolation of 10 km and an opportunity to use growing season twice a year (in summer in France, and in winter in Chile). Growing hybrids is carried out under the thorough supervision of breeders and technicians. To preserve the hybrid plants’ genetics the plants for breeding are carefully selected to prevent their mixing with other crop plants on fields.

Compliance with modern requirements

To keep up with customer need, parental lines are checked for their performance and their quality is constantly improving. Gradual climate change, new pests and diseases, changes in growing technology require constant improvement of the source material and its compliance with the cultivation conditions. The lines are improved every year and the properties of hybrids are improving every year in the selection process. Thanks to the high quality work of the great number of researchers and breeders hybrids are annually enhancing their unique properties and successfully competing with new hybrids of leading companies.

Development and improvement

Working with global companies, Alfa Seeds maintains high standards product quality and services to meet the needs of Ukrainian growers and to keep up with the times.

Focusing on leaders and exclusivity

Every year we import to Ukraine updated and improved seeds for growing parental lines of hybrids produced by the international breeding companies that are represented in the catalog.

In 2013 we signed exclusive contracts for new hybrids and lines supply with three leading European seed breeding companies:

  • Franco-Chilean PANAM Semences, which is considered the leader of the South American market of sunflower and corn;
  • European HR SMOLICE – corn market leader in Poland, which holds 30% of the market;
  • Italian ISEA – the market leader in sunflower and cereals in Italy.