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Field days

Finish of High Yield Formula – Field Day in Kyiv region!

On June 31, 2016 the final qualification races of High Yield Formula was held near Ksaverivka village – it was the last Field Day of our company in this year. The event was extremely interesting, because the biggest number of trials using different technologies of yield crops protection – almost 30 – were represented for our guests in this Research and Demonstration Centre!

High Yield Formula Rally was held in Dnipropetrovsk region!

High Yield Formula is the name we chose for the Field Days in 2016, because we hope that every grower will find its formula of rich harvest using our products. In addition, guests enjoyed the style of the event, which was similar to Formula 1 rally. The guests who visited Field Day that was held on 23rd of June in Dnipropetrovsk region were also excited.

Field Day was held in Cherkasy on June 21

The High Yield Formula Field Day was held on June 21, 2016 in Cherkasy region near Baybuzy village. The main purpose of the event was to gather experts from farms and agribusiness representatives to inform them with our achievements in CP product development. Also guests received new knowledge about field crops diseases and  ways to manage them.

Field Day 2016 in Mykolaiv region!

On June 17 we’ve hosted second event that was organized for our existing and potential customers – the High Yield Formula Field Day in Mykolaiv region (Bashtanka village)! Unusual format of this event in the Formula 1 style was appreciated by many of our guests, as they are mostly men.