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Quality control

High-quality products production is based on smart technologies and modern equipment. Multi-Control is integrated into each stage of production, i.e. checking all the factors that affect the products quality.

Today ALFA Smart Agro Multi-Control includes 7 levels:

  1. Quality control of active ingredients and additives included into products formulations.
  2. Test control of the each stage of production process, including replication of all stages of production process on mini-line, which is installed on our factory for R&D and quality control purposes. It allows us to monitor and, if necessary, adjust the manufacturing process with minimal risks and considerable resources savings (water and energy).
  3. Stage-by-stage control of all production phases during product development and during mass batches production process.
  4. Production process control with the possibility of corrective actions in case of any deviations from specified process parameters are detected
  5. Laboratory control and analysis of results:
    • Basic indicators fixed in Technical Conditions (active ingredient quantity and pH);
    • according to all CIPAC (Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council) indicators and other governing regulations, recognized in EU.
  6. Maintaining complete documentation of the production process and key parameters.
  7. Environmental control, which covers:
    • advanced new formulations, ensuring minimization of side effects in agricultural production;
    • conditions of production processes (closed production loop);
    • compliance with the recommendations on products’ application.