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Agro Education

Over the years ALFA Smart Agro acquired knowledge and experience in the field of plant protection. Our experts continue to improve, but at the same time we are happy to share the acquired knowledge with partners and customers.

AGRO EDUCATION — is a set of activities that are aimed, firstly, at the information support of distributors and consumers and, secondly, at strengthening connections with farmers. It allows us to feel the market needs and to respond effectively to the problems faced by farmers, and provide them with the necessary resources to implement smart agronomy solutions.

Currently the main AGRO EDUCATION’s areas are:


Field Days

Annual events held to familiarize customers and partners with effective crop protection schemes, new products and innovations. During the Field Days also discussed features of plant protection approaches in different climatic zones of the country and in different weather conditions. Every participant of the Field Day can get useful information on growing field crops, and ask experts to talk about their experience in the crop protection products application.


Demo-Field Online

This is an interactive service on our website. Its purpose is to demonstrate the field trials on our products usage that take place throughout the year in Ukraine. With this service you can follow all stages of the trial: from seed treatment to harvesting. If you are interested in trials on the specific product in your climate zone or on a particular crop, we recommend using convenient filters.


Encyclopedia of harmful objects

This is an information resource where you can find detailed information about harmful objects encountered by farmers in Ukraine: diseases, pests and weeds. Note that at the end of the description of a harmful object you'll see links to the ALFA Smart Agro’s products, which will help you to control it. You can quickly and easily determine which products will work effectively on your field.


Winter workshops

Winter is the best time for studying, becoming familiar with the latest market innovations, improved crop protection schemes, and to sum up on the last season. To ensure it we organize annual winter workshops, where invite our partners and customers. Presentations of new products, analysis of effective protection schemes that have been tested in recent seasons, detailed information about existing or potential threats to high yields and the methods to manage them – these are only small part of what you can find out by visiting ALFA Smart Agro Winter Workshops.