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Chemical Laboratory

Most modern Chemical Laboratory of ALFA Smart Agro develops and improves products formulations and is looking for new unique combinations of post-patent active ingredients to create new smart crop protection products.

In the process of development each product passes more than 10 types of tests: for surface tension of the solution, a.i. particle size in suspensions, sensitivity to temperature changes, viscosity etc. To this end, our skilled scientists use the latest research equipment, such as:

  • Modern HPLCs;
  • Laser particle size analyzer;
  • Spectrograph;
  • Viscometer;
  • Various devices for determining electrical conductivity of solutions, measurement of surface tension etc.

Based on scientific experience and using modern technologies ALFA Smart Agro plans to deliver new smart crop protection products, which will have unique features for Ukrainian market.

When developing new products and ensuring quality control ALFA Smart Agro is guided by Ukrainian legislation requirements and follows international standards. In particular, the EU and UN current requirements, acting standards the UK, Germany and the US, as well as international industry standards. ALFA Smart Agro also uses CIPAC (Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council) recommendations, which cover 193 quality parameters.