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Our team

Every day ALFA Smart Agro faces new challenges. Effective solutions depend on the professionalism of each employee and synergy of the whole team.

More than 150 employees are working in ALFA Smart Agro. Team includes both, well-known experts with strong experience and young enthusiastic specialists. All of us are united by a common purpose, values and corporate culture.

Every team member does his best to contribute to common results, and Company creates opportunities for professional development and implementation of innovative ideas. People enjoy working in a team where ambitious goals are set and achieved together.

Values provided by ALFA Smart Agro to employees:

Team work and effectiveness – each team member understands his role in the business process and takes responsibility for the overall result

Professionalism and development – each team member has knowledge and a skill required to perform his tasks, and is constantly striving to develop and improve his professional and managerial competences.

The Headquarter and Regional Offices are headed by highly qualified professionals who have strong experience in the agricultural market.